my virtual cd collection ;P

aka "i leave my cds at home when im at college and i have zero clue what i own sometimes so i compiled them all here"

(totally had nothing to do w the fact that i luv flexing my cds whatever chance i get including to random strangers on the internet wtf wdym why would u say that abuot me ..

aka construction zone hehehehe ~ incomplete for now ;P


BETTER IDEA EVEN. just. take pics of the CD SPINES !!!!! and then make it into a little virtual bookshelf :3 w links 2 individual pages...........

a little bit longer
lines, vines and trying times
happiness begins
my world
my world 2.0
my worlds acoustic
up all night
made in the am
fine line
heartbreak weather
shawn mendes
boys like girls
a fever you can't sweat out
pretty. odd.
vices & virtues
too weird to live, too rare to die
death of a bachelor
pray for the wicked
twenty one pilots
split ep
from under the cork tree
infinity on high
folie à deux
save rock and roll
american beauty / american psycho
i brought me your bullets, you brought me your love
three cheers for sweet revenge
life on the murder scene
the black parade
danger days
may death never stop you
hesitant alien
international superhits
american idiot
all we know is falling
violent things reissue

jonas brothers*

a little bit longer (2008)

i found this one at goodwil for like a dollar and it's in near perfect condition!! i haven't yet tried playing the cd so that's iffy but the CASE and everything looks sooo good :D

lines, vines and trying times (2009)

i don't remember which thrift store i got this at, probably goodwill??? which in that case it's alsooo epic as it would've been a dollar ^__^

happiness begins (2019)

my sister bought me + her tickets to see them perform in 2019 and we each got a cd that came with the tickets! which is pretty rad except i dont really listen to it lmfao Oops. the concert was awesome tho!!

justin bieber*

my world (2009)

this is an original cd that my sister bought in 2009 as soon as it was released. she was, like, an original jb fan, like she liked him since he was a kid posting covers on youtube, before scooter discovered him lol. so that's pretty cool that i have that cd now.

my world 2.0 (2010)

again, another original that my sister bought right when it came out, and then gave to me a few years later when she didn't listen to cds anymore

my worlds acoustic (2010)

the last of the jb cds my sister gave me. they're like the holy trinity or soemthign haha

purpose (2015)

my friend gave this to me for my birthday. i loved it! little did i know i was about to outgrow my justin bieber phase. hahaha it's whatever tho i still have all the cds

one direction*

up all night (2011)

so my sister gave me the original copy of the cd she bought when it was released and then i was a stupid 11 year old who didn't take good care of it and at one point i even kneeled on + cracked the jewel case because apparently just leaving my cds on the floor was a thing i did!????@?!! but so anyways i think i ended up giving away the cd when i was like 13 bc one of my friends gave me a new one for my bday (she didn't know i already owned the cd lol) i kinda regret getting rid of it but at LEAST i kept the little "photo cards" (they're more similar to baseball cards but idk what else to call them lmfao) of each member safe + sound. i would've been SO mad if i lost those

made in the am (2015)

im pretty sure one of my friends gave this to me for my birthday as well. same friend who gave me the up all night cd!!! love her

harry styles

fine line (2019)

i think i bought this at walmart shortly after the album was released .

heartbreak weather (2020)

ok..confession...... i bought this at target right after it came out,, and i haven't listened to it yet T____T

shawn mendes*

illuminate (2016)

i do NOT remember how i got this cd but i probably bought it at walmart lol. i miss when walmart had a big cd section.. now it's like. 5 small rows and a BUNCH of vinyls but those r expensiveee >/3

shawn mendes (2018)

got this for free! kinda? it came with my ticket to see shawn mendes in 2019

boys like girls

boys like girls (2006)

i bought this cd agesss ago, i think it was in a thrift store in berkley or something. idk lol but idk why i felt the need to buy it?? i know like 2 songs off the album lolll

panic! at the disco

a fever you can't sweat out (2005)

by far one of panic!'s best albums. love u ryan ross!!!!!!!

pretty. odd. (2008)

my sister got this for me online! i was so happy

vices & virtues (2011)

p!atd's best album. dallon MADE this SO GOOD

too weird to live, too rare to die (2013)

this album was pretty good! every time i listen to ftytd i think of how the very first version of hte song belonged to dallon's high school band. lol

death of a bachelor (2016)

this album came out like.. RIGHT before i started listening to them. it's ok but all i think about when i look at the cover art is how a fan exposed the address of that house and brendon had to m ove bc of that LMFAO

pray for the wicked (2018)

got this cd because it came with my ticket to see them live. goddd.... i just want panic! to release new music so i dont have to say i own their whole studio discography on cd T____T i hate brendon

twenty one pilots

twenty one pilots (2009)

i still dunno if this is a geniune copy, or if someone was reallyyyy good at making a fake look like an original. either way it was like $10 on barnes & noble marketplace so idc if it's fake tbh?? this was their best album, next to regional at best <3

vessel (2013)

i believe this was the first twenty one pilots album i owned on cd. i found it in the walmart cd section and i was SOO excited bc it was my fav album at the time :")

blurryface (2015)

i regret the person i was when this was my favorite album.

trench (2018)

i don't remember where i got this lolllll but it's the last album from them i liked.

fall out boy

fall out boy | project rocket split ep (2002)

this was SUCH an awesome find!!!! i was at fye just looking through the fob cds bc u never know, maybe they have a cheaper copy of one of the newer cds ive been waiting to get? and then i was like. wait .. i dont recognize that one..??? which was shocking bc i thought i knew fob's discography! and so i asked my twitter followers and one of my mutuals was like Hey ummm that's the equivalent of finding mcr's bullets in a store and i was like oh SHITTTTTTT so yeah. found it for $5!!!!!!!!! i love it

from under the cork tree (2005)

i dont remember how i got this cd but it was a whileeeee ago. when i think of this album i think of the magazines from 2006 that my sister gave me with red-hair pete on the covers, one of which had a whole "alphabet of fall out boy" spread inside; for the "f" they listed "from under the cork tree" as their newest album <333

infinity on high (2007)

i was SOO excited to get this cd from amoeba hollywood and then i got all the way home and opened it and found out the cd inside was switched!!!!! so now i have two "from under the cork tree" cds, and only one cork tree jewel case and one infinity on high jewel case.!!! i mean at least it looks fine when my cds are on display but i cant PLAY THE CD!!!! >:(

folie à deux (2008)

my dad got me this one for christmas!!!! very epic. i LVOEEEE this album :D w.a.m.s. and 20 dollar nose bleed r my favesss off this one ^___^

save rock and roll (2013)

i might have gotten this at fye??? im not sure :0

american beauty/american psycho (2015)

immortals was the first fall out boy song i remember hearing!! because big hero 6 was (and still is) one of my fave movies haha.

mania (2018)

i remember listening to this album the day it came out, on the way home from a week-long basketball tournament i was in. i also remember how my lyric video for "hold me tight (or don't)" got like 200k views and i was SOO happy

my chemical romance

i brought you my bullets, you brought me your love (2002)

this is my favorite cd i own, as i'd wanted it for YEARS before getting lucky and finding this copy on ebay for $23 usd. i believe it's a uk copy as it doesn't have the "gerard will sneak into your house" thing on the disc, but i don't care. it's in great condition and i almost cried (happy tears!!) listening to it on my cd player for the first time. <33333 i LOVE this cd!!!!!

three cheers for sweet revenge (2004)

oh MY GODDDDD this album is so good literally everythign about it.. the aesthetic of the album, the era, the SONGSSSS.. i love this album so much. my brother found the cd actually! we were in a small used book+music store in the bay area, and he came up to me like "don't u like this band?" and it was an old revenge cd for $2!!!!!!!!! it plays so well and the case is in good condition still so it was SOOOO worth it

life on the murder scene (2006)

another find from the barnes & noble marketplace (may it rip) that i bought with a b&n gift card i won from getting first place in a writing contest in high school lolzor. and! it's an original from 2006!!! it has a little promo paper thing talking about merch for sale on the shop and a coupon thing that says it expires in 2007 :0 definitely the best part of this whole thing, even tho the booklet / case aren't in the best of conditions

the black parade (2006)

tbh - i dont remember where i got this?? i think walmart. idk. a lot of the cds i got from like .. freshman-sophomore year were from walmart/target lmfao

danger days: the true lives of the fabulous killjoys (2009)

i either got this cd at fye or.......... tbh idk where else i would've gotten it?? but i LOVE it. although it wasn't very accurate as i was in califorina in 2019 and i didnt see ANY killjoys..(lol)

may death never stop you (2013)

i got this on depop for $13 and i was rly nervous Bc it's in a jewel case, and i didn't want it to be damaged in the mail but it got to me safelyyyy <333 luv this album + this BAND !!

gerard way

hesitant alien (2014)

i definitely got this at fye!!! i vividly remember. it was my first time there i think?? lol

frank iero

barriers (2019)

i bought this new at amoeba hollywood bc ive been waiting to find a good quality used one for cheaper at a cd store but whateverrrr i didn't find any </3 but it's Okayy i love this album so im glad to have it on cd :DD

melanie martinez

k-12 (2019)

i bought this at target when it was new but i dont even listen to her anymore So.... (i did watch the film when it premiered tho. before it was switched to youtube red)

green day

dookie (1994)

i once bought a shirt with this album on the front at target and then i LOST IT so now every time i see those shirts i think, ok.. either i buy it and then get frustrated if i find it again OR i just wait to find it again. but it's been at least a year now with no sign of the shirt >:( also i love that the dog from johnny test was named after this album lolll.. i dont remember where/when i bought this cd tho. maybe at a berkeley thrift store..????

nimrod (1997)

i found this at mad monk! and when i showed it to my mom she kept calling them "green bay" and asking if that was the band from the 90s that she liked. .. and then she made a weird face at some of the song titles on the back ???? i dont like calling ppl posers but if i was going to i'd DEFINITELY call my mom a poser, lmao. cool album tho my fav song off it is redundant!!

international superhits (2001)

i got this at a small bay area thrift store!!! the same one i got mcr's revenge from :D i love that store. love this album too!!!

american idiot (2004)

goddd this album has so many hits. i dont remember when/where i got the cd tho rip


all we know is falling (2005)

i also got this at mad monk!! they mostly had after laughter cd's but i got this one because it was older and thus Cheaper lmaoooo. someday ill get after laughter but for now im a broke college student trying my BEST.hahah

the brobecks

violent things reissue (2010)

i wanted this cd for fucking EVER but for the longest time it was out of stock on noneyoujerkrecords' shop. and then one day in early 2021? late 2020? idk. but one day it was announced that the cds were back in stock and i bought one as SOON as possible. i love it! only negative is that they put a clear sticker to keep the paper sleeve shut, which i get why they did that but it left a sticky mark on the sleeve :/ not the best thing to have lol..

i don't know how but they found me

1981 EP (2018)

my sister got me this for christmas 2018! i was so happy <3 idkhow/the brobecks are two of my fave bands of all time so it was really cool to own this right from the beginning ^______^ i only wish i could've had a cd when i saw them live + met them bc now at this point i think they're too popular to wait around and meet them after shows like i did in april 2018 lol, i'd LOVEE to have a signed cd by them

razzmatazz (2020)

i ordered this off idkhow's site the INSTANT it was available. i'd waited for that album for almost three years!!!! so happy to have it, it's such a good album :D luvvv this band


entertainment (2018)

got this the same day i got hesitant alien, at fye! i loveee this album, love this band. (started listening to them the day they announced they were gonna tour with idkhow as their opener lmao)

fandom (2019)

i think i got this at target lol. it came with .. either 2 stickers or a patch? gotta double check my cd's when i have the chance to see which one had which lol

fandom - metallic cd (2019)

i didn't have a debit card when this was available to be ordered online, BUT... i DID have a best friend who had one........ so i asked him to order it for me and then i paid him back the next day in ALL COINS because i had no other money LMAOOAFOAOFOASJDFAKLSF he hated me for that but it was worth it!! metallic cd case!!!

greatest hits - tricolor cover (2021)

i got this one off waterparks' site along with the union jack cover, i still don't have the normal greatest hits one yet BUT i figured it'd be easier to find one of those later on than trying to find one of these special editions of the cd lololzz

greatest hits - union jack cover (2021)

hehehe british waterparks Be like "oi weer watahpahx"

anthony amorim

2004 - signed copy (2016)

i got this on depop along with a pick :D i double checked w anthony on twt and he said the pick came w the 2004 merch bundle, bc the person who sold it said they didn't remember if it came w the 2004 cd or with the LO:ST cd lmao

LO:ST (2018)

got this one on depop from the same person i got 2004 !!!

conan gray

kid krow (2019)

i got this at target after listening to conan for maybe a year? but now i don't anymore LOLLLL anyways i hate this cd's design tbh. it's a paper booklet/case yEAH but it SUCKED htere was no originality, no fun design or anything.. just the cover art on the front, and the song list inside with a pocket for the cd. very very lame/Boringg

pierce the veil

collide with the sky (2012)

i found this on depop for $4 + $4 shipping which was SO good considering ive never seen this in any cd store ive visited. it has a bonus cd that i havent watched yet and although the outside is kinda plain it's cool bc it's unlike all the jewel cases i have for the rest of my cds!! and i get to see the cover art on the booklet inside anyways ;P

misadventures (2016)

i got this cd for very cheap at a music store in portland, because the hinge of the jewel case was broken and the front cover doesn't stay on at all lmao. doesn't matter tho, the cd plays! so i'll just maybe eventually buy a good quality cd later on, but for now it's a nice addition to the collection :3

the cure

disintegration (1989)

i do Not remember where i got this cd lmaoooo good album tho!!

high (1992)

i got this one at a music store in portland, really cool

friday i'm in love (1992)

i also got this one at the same portland music store!

galore (1996)

this one i found at a thrift store in some random small town in northern california, it was such a cool find and i was super happyyyy - i think it was like $3 !! :D

bloodflowers (2000)

i don't remember where i got this.. it may have been mad monk?? not sure

the cure (2004)

i got this one at a music store in portland!!! :]


showbiz (1999)

godddd. this album is so GOOD. and it was like $5, and it has a sticker on the back that says "promotional copy only not for resale" which is AWESOME. i love getting cd's with random littleunique things like that :] plus im pretty sure it came from london (and somehow ended up in amoeba hollywood) bc of the sticker on the front which.,, again is so cool. someday i'll visit london but until then it's pretty cool to own a cd that came from there >:33

origin of symmetry (2001)

i got this one at the same music store that i got the cure cd at ^___^

absolution (2004)

im pretty sure i also got this in amoeba hollywood! i bought like 5 cds when i visited in july lmao. it's a good quality cd and im happy to have found it ^___^

black holes and revelations (2006)

i got this cd in portland :))

black holes and revelations (2006)

i accidentally bought a second copy. oops!!! it's whatever tho i luv this album anyways haha

the resistance (2009)

also got this one in portland.. what can i say i enjoy going cd shopping even while travelling !!

those who dream

life in cyan - signed copy (2017)

i got this when i ordered a tshirt from them! it was like a merch bundle- it came with the tshirt, cd of course, stickers, poster, and a note with doodles from the two band members :))) very very cool. it was rly cool to see the shipping label from perth too lol, and how it had like australian stuff on it idk i just have never been off the NA continent yet so it's interesting to meeee

*disclaimer: i don't rly listen to the jonas brothers, justin bieber, or one direction anymore (except i still think one direction's music is pretty good tbh) but i still have the cds from when i was younger lol. i hate counting justin bieber as part of my cd collection bcz i rly like.. Never listen to him now but whateverrrrr lolz