i am Currently sitting on call w my bf. im screensharing so they CAN see this. but They are not paying attention SO !!!! rip LMAO

happy tho :D

now we r listening to mitski. bc we'ereGAY !!1 gay gay

i love being gay <3

spirit halloweeennnnnnn

12 September 2021

soo!! today i went to spirit hlalloween for the first tiemeverrrrrr ^______^

it was so cool, ive been wanting to go since i was a kid but my mom wouldn't let me </3 but i went with a friend todayyy so WOO

i spent $20 which is very good becoz i DIDNT wanna spend a bunch. it would've been 40 but i decided not to get the pikachu beanie i reallyyyyy wanted .. im gonna go back after halloween and see if there's one left. and if there is .. then !!!!destiny

i got a silver studded belt, black and red fishnet-y gloves, and some vampire fangs :3

very very epic. ive been wnating a studded belt 4ever!!!!but they're usually too expensive. this one was like idk. $12??? i dont remembr. but cheaper than hot topic!!!!!

so Yeah. very very fun. i hope i get a chance to go again after halloween :D i got a coupon today that the employee said will work after october. and hopefullyyyyy stuff will be on sale bc it'll be after halloween <33 hehe

pride month!!!!!!

1 June 2021

holy fuck it's been SIX MONTHS since i've last fully logged into this site. LOL

ive just been rly busy w college shit ok ;______;

im currently procrastinating working on projects for finals rn..... and waiting for my dad to come back w chinese food!!!!

(i moved on campus this quarter BUT im home rn bc i got my first dose of the covid vaccine on friday :3

but it's pride month!!!!!! so happy WOOO

i think i might start streaming on twitch??? idk i just cant get it out of my head for the past few weeks. i RLY WANNA TRY IT,,,, it would be so fun. i saw someone on my fyp today saying they play papa's freezeria on stream and NOW I WANNA TRY THAT .!!!!!! i used to love ALL those games ogmgggg

it's to the point where like,-- if i tried it and did terribly i'd feel better, bc then at least i'd KNOW that im bad at it. rn i dont know!!!!! so i cant stop thinking about it T___T like my mind's hyperfixated on this idea or smth it's bad

i had told myself that i'd avoid watching mcyt/twitch streamers in general (besides kickthepj of course, ive been watching his streams occasionally since like last march LOL) bc i KNEW i'd get obsessed.,, and Now!! ive got 2 ranboo stickers Plus a fuckgin HOODIE ON THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hate having a debit card i have ZERO IMPULSE CONTROL??? send help

anyways yeah happy gay month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

my 2020 spotify wrapped o__O

5 December 2020

soooooo a couple days ago we got spotify wrapped for 2020 !! and this yr might be my lasstttt using spotify (bc my family switched to apple music, it's included in our phone plan ig??) i mean Unless i pay for my own plan .. which im debating on TBh!!!!! anyways

i got pierce the veil as my top artist!! which like ok they're cool and i love them but ngl im kinda SAD bc the past 2 years i got mcr like .. ptv rly broke my streak Wtf ,,!!1!

my top songgg was king for a day which i listened to 76 times which is just over 300 minutes aka FIVE HOURS ........ not as much as i've seen others get but im still SHOCKED ,, five whole hours of my life from jan to oct was spent listening to that song Alone .

IM PISSED THO ??....kinda . like Disappointed in myself like i was so SURE i was gonna get demolition lovers as my top song again!!! it's the best song in all of existence, i listen to it at least once a week,,.... wtf

anywaysso my top songs were king for a day (ptv) one hundred sleepless nights (ptv) demolition lovers (mcr) bulls in the bronx (ptv) and besitos (ptv) ... Help.

i was in the top 0.05% of pierce the veil's listeners this year AND i listened to them for 6,892 minutes, which is almost 115 hours, or 4.7 days. so um. from 1 january 2020 to 31 october 2020 is 304 days. which means i spent 1.5% of the time that spotify tracked for wrapped listening to pierce the veil!!!!?!

in total i listened to: 53,766 minutes / 896.1 hours / 37.3375 days / 5.34 weeks listening to music. THAT'S 12.3% OF MY TIME SPENT LISTENING TO MUSIC... not including the time i'd listen to music i'd had downloaded to itunes. FUCKING 12% . .. THAT'S LIKE. WHAT.

anyways that's all the math i'll be doing for the next twelve months. thanks spotify!!

ps: my top artists in order were ptv, mcr, the cure, muse, and frank iero. and my top genre was modern rock!!! much better than last year's (pop)!!!! yay

happy halloween losers ;p

31 October 2020

lol so it's been a While since ive updated this ummm O__o yeah basically i have no excuse except college T~T (which is the uk's equivalent of uni ,, because apparently college means something different there??????? idkidk)

today i went 2 walmart to buy some supplies for an art project (for CLASSSSS basically all art ive been doing for the past two months has been for school X___X which is good bc at least im doing art but like Come On i want sum free time 2 do my own stuff too >__<!!!) anyways i also bought short fishnet gloves & short black lacey gloves which r probably the best things ive found at walmart :0000 ive been looking for them foreverrrrr since i saw people post on tiktok that walmart carries them for halloween but i havent been able to find them till today :00

not doing much today thanks to covid-19 which is honestly a WASTE... like imagine having halloween on a saturday with an extra hour thanks to the time change AND on a blue moon????? what the fuck honestly coronavirus is kinda homophobic if u ask me

well my family's gonna have a game/movie night to celebrate halloween (luckily im at my dad's as my mom fucking sucks!!!!! she's a pain in the ass to hang out with along with her crusty old white ass racist trump supporting retired cop husband >n< lol!!!!!!!

it's gonna b rad as fuck !!!! we bought candy, i got like 3 bubulubus which if u dont know is a mexican candy with chocolate, marshmallow, and strawberry jello-type stuff... it's Rly good and yesyesy im excited

also i voted yesterday!!!!! my first time voting im rly happy :]]] i hope we can get trump out of office he's shit. i dont much like biden but like at least he's a decent human being,, not to mention a competent president lmfao .. and while i fucking hate cops at least kamala seems like she'd be a better vp than pence. (hopefully.) and let's be real biden's old asf...... if it came to a point where kamala had to be president at least we'd be getting a poc as the first womam president!!!!!!!!!

i also reached 6k on tiktok a few days ago which is like. sexy as fuck!!!!! six thousand people percieving me o_______0 that's so weird lololol

lolok happy halloween :333333 i hope everybody's enjoying it while STAYING TF HOMEEEE bc we're in a Pandemic lul ive alr decided im blocking anyone who posts about halloween parties today <33 or maybe i'll comment calling them out Tee hee i dont mind starting drama if it's with people who purposely ignore covid. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#THIS NIGHT HELLLOOOO???????!!!!???!?!?!?!????

14 September 2020

daniel howell just announced that he's writing a book!!!!!!!!!!!

im gna be honest i was kinda suspecting it'd be a book?? even before twt phannies were leaking a bunch of details about it anyways - he just kept dropping hints like tweeting about writing, having merch with a book & "the next chapter" or wtv, and like the fact that he went to a writing retreat thing last year ?? or sometime idksdfjdsfjmdvc but!! im so excited

in early 2017 dnp sold signed box sets of tabinof+dapgo and i wanted it /so bad/ but it sold out by the time i was going to order it,,, which was like 3 hours after they announced it HLEPASLKDFJSDGKJ so yeah ive always been really sad about that :(( but!! today i got to preorder a signed copy of "you will get through this night" and im super hyped !!! it's almost like ,, idk like my 14-year-old self would be so happy for me right now :")

i cried just from watching the book trailer O___O idk just hearing dan say, "i can do it, and so can you. you will get through this night," really hits hard T~T

the book releases 18 may 2021 so that's plenty of time for me to look forward to it :DDD and in the meantime i'll just stare at the same 3 photos from today and sob uncontrollably at how proud i am of him LOLJK anyways have a gud day:D

ps i have my first college class EVER at 1 pm!!!! which is in like 2 hours AHHHH (and no im not in my dorm yet :p california's on fireeeee and the air quality at school is kinda terrible lolz yeahokbye)


9 September 2020

so i'm moving into my dormmmmm next week!!!?!?!?!?! well Okay im moving in four days - FOUR DAYS?? wtf i just realised 4 days. that's ,, So CLose??? anways so Yeah i'm terrified =] but im also very very very excitedddd o_O im gna have my own spaceeeeeeee and im gna b able to decorate however i want 2 lololzzzzor its gna b rad as fuckkkkk :DD

my family& i took a trip up to oregon last weekend and it was so fun :D we also left an actual day before the fires started so 0_____0 we lucked out i guess :O!!!!!!!!

but we also spent a day in washington SO i can now say i've been in every west coast state asf B-)

nervous for school !!!!!!1 but also hella excited woooo oh aw yeahhahahhh

next update will probably be from my dorm idk idk lol woo !!!!!!!!!!:DDD

pizza and art supplies

30 August 2020

i've done a lot of updating to the site today -- i added a whole page with my blinkies + stamps + gifs collections... idk why i did it but it looks cool to see all of them in one place so i guess it was worth it?? i also added links to my tiktok and youtube channel. might as well give up anonymity since i alr added my FACE as a pfp wooooooop

i'm currently listening to muse & watching the mtv vma awards in the background - well, not so much watching as keeping an eye out for twenty one pilots. i haven't paid attention and so now i'm worried i've missed if they won anything. i'm also waiting for my dad to get home because he's bringing pizzaaaaaaa and i'm STARVIGNGIASDFNSDFK

today my prof for drawing fundamentals emailed a list of supplies to get for the class and i'm mega hype about it bcozzz i never got to take an art class in high school X_X rip but now most of my classes are focused on design or film!!!!!1 and it's so fun. regular school is boring asf but hopefully college will be easier to focus in because i'll actually have classes that are interesting to meeee

im also moving in to my dorm soon !! thanks to covid my classes are online >_< but i'll also get a room to myself without any extra charges!!! american school tingz yknow, not being able to afford my own dorm w/o a roommate unless we're in a fucking global pandemic. it's whatevs tho :p


27 August 2020

so today is The Day.... so many people said things would happen today for some reason?!?!! especially on tiktok xD i don't think anything will happen but tbh it's still crazy how long ive been waiting for today O_o

for the past 2 days ive been making cc for the sims 4 x__x it's fun but all ive done is made emo shit lmfao :p i mean some mcr posters i made in january have 2k downloads so at least other people like it ^_^ there isn't nearly enough stuff for the fandoms im in on tsr so thats why im doing it loll

anyhow im hopefullly starting college soooooon ,, depends on the stupid fires in california!!!!!!!1! we'll see what happens honestly nobody rly knows what to do at this point.! not even my school smh i emailed them like Hey am i gonna be able to move in,,?????? but they dont know yet rip

a tiktok i made a few days ago has gone mildly viral!!!1 it has like 48k likes ahhhhhh all bcoz i finally cut emo fringe yeyesseyss and ive almost doubled my follower count thanks to it wtf???? im like 80 away from 4000 followers im psyched :DD not to mention all the new moots ive gained from that vid !!!! its so rad

happy august 27 !! we'll see if anything happens ummm O__O

First blog!

12 August 2020

heahaha look at me calling this a blog. when like 2 people will b reading it (me and You :D) lmfao.. so Hi. i got bored and i made this website in like 2 days. yes it's a lame attempt at a 2002 baby recreating the golden era of myspace they unfortunately missed bcoz they were busy being a - well - a toddler !!! but IDC. yeshah it's cringy LMFAO so if you know me irl and you see this No you do not ♡!!!!! this was really fun to make tho ♡♡♡♡ i've loved learning about html, it's rad as hell to be able to figure everything out on my own :D

thanks to neocities ive found out how much i LOVEEE webcore/old web aesthetic -- whatever it's called!!!! ive got LOADS of blinkies and stamps saved hahaha im gna make a collection page eventually i think x___x

n e wayz thank u 4 stopping by !!1! if u want to be added to my friends page that would b rly cool, just drop a comment w the picture u want !!!! or not ♡ no peer pressure here B-]

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